Story of a man who could never let his wife go! So heart breaking.

When the world comes to an end and your loved one is a part of the people who were affected by it, how are you going to deal with it? Are you willing to give them up and lose hope or are you going to find ways to continue living with them, despite the situation?

Well, an odd yet romantic story of a husband and wife were featured in the story of 'Alice Jacobs is Dead'. In this story, the husband, Dr. Ben Jacobs is a very brilliant scientist capable of inventing cures for diseases. His wife was a lovely woman who loves her family so much. 

But one day a very unfortunate incident happened in their society which really destroyed mankind. 

Alice Jacobs was one of the casualties that turned into a living dead. She was not the way she was before. 

Her husband doesn't want to give up on her, so he researched for the solution that would help his wife. He found a cure, but the wife only lives half of her life. 

The decision now lies on Dr. Jacobs whether he would continue living with his half-dead wife or he would let go because he needs to. 

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