Showtime family shows their support for Angelica Yap in her difficult time.

The netizens were shocked when the news spread about the death of the mother of Pastillas Girl, Angelica Yap. The mother was shot at the back of her head by a gunman who was not identified. This incident caused her death. 

Angelica Yap was devastated by the news. Her tears kept pouring as she now faces the world without her supportive mother beside her. She was left with the responsibility of looking after her siblings and providing for them.

Her Showtime family knew that it was a difficult time for her so they showed their support in making her feel that they were there for her. They condole the death of her mother

Angelica also left a message saying that the people should always make their mother's feel important because we never know when they will be gone. 

Source: Abs-cbn

It's Showtime family nakiramay kay Pastillas Girl
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Monday, December 7, 2015

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