She cheated on him. What he did to change his life, will surely shock you!

Being cheated on by your partner isn't easy. You'll experience the pain once you realized how much you've given yet she/he still chose to cheat on you.

This video shows the effects when you love a person too much, yet all that she gave you was pain. 

This man decided to surprise his girlfriend with red roses, but then he was more surprised when he saw that his girlfriend was being intimate with another man! 

He suffered from so much pain that love has given him, it even came to the point when he decided to end his life.

But then, when he's about to end his life, he realized his worth. Because of that, he decided to sort things out and to live a better life. 

In the end, he was able to move on and he even found a better partner! 

People then claim that the maker of this TV commercial is indeed incredible!

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