She caught her boyfriend with a stripper. What happens next isn't what he expected!

People are indeed getting more and more attached into creating their own prank videos. They claim that it is indeed hilarious to see how their friends or partners react whenever they are pulling off random pranks.

What would you do if you came home early to surprise your boyfriend, yet you were the one who was surprised with what you saw?

In this prank, a man named Cenek Styblo wanted to get even with his girlfriend who pranked him. In return, he decided to ask his brother to pretend as a stripper. 

They bought red shoes, lingeries and a seductive black dress. When the woman finally came and saw the stripper, she was so furious! 

She even pushed the stripper away and started cursing at her boyfriend. She was confused when they started laughing! Her reaction when she realized that it was just a prank? Hilarious!

Source: EliteReaders

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