Rico Yan's letter for Claudine before he passed away has gone viral! Truly heartbreaking!

Everyone truly loved the relationship/team up of Rico Yan and Claudine Baretto during the 90's.

Everything was really perfect for Rico. His career is boosting and even his love life. However, a tragic incident happened to Rico Yan while he's in Puerto Princesa with Dominic Ochoa. Rico Yan was found lifeless in his room, where people claim that it was a cardiac arrest.

13 years had passed when Rico Yan passed away, and yet a love letter addressed to Claudine Baretto is circulating online! 

The letter reads, "By the time you read this, I must be in CDO (Cagayan De Oro) already. Just want to thank you for last night. You were wonderful! And because of that, I'm sure that I'm gonna have a hard time sleeping without you by my side tonight. But nevertheless, I still love you very much!"

It was written by Rico Yan. Claudine claims that this letter makes him miss Rico Yan more.

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