PSY the Gangnam Master released another song entitled 'Daddy'! MUST WATCH!

The master of the Gangnam Style is now back with a new bizarre video. 

Psy made the people crazy back in 2012 with his chart-topping song 'Gangnam Style' with an absurd dance steps. Now, he releases a new music video which is entitled, 'Daddy'. 

The South Korean singer will show you how he grooved as a little boy and an old man. Like the previous music videos, it contains weird dance moves that would bring out the energy of the viewers. 

As the music video goes to the middle, it only gets more ridiculous. It is the result of the transition from a little boy up to an old man. 

The records that Gangnam Style set off is hard to break, but right now, they see the potential in the music video. 

Source: OfficialPsy

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