BACK STAGE FOOTAGE : Pia Wurtzbach cried after at the backstage after being crowned as Miss Universe 2015

It is undeniable that the Miss Universe 2015 will surely be a memorable event in the lives of the candidates.

After the mistake that Steve Harvey has committed, Pia Wurtzbach, the real Miss Universe, doesn't know what to do. She remained calm and steady for she knows that one of her colleagues is in pain.

People claim that what Pia did made them happy. They claim that it just showed how sensitive she was for thinking about how would Miss Colombia would feel if she'd be jumping for joy after being declared as the Miss Universe 2015.

But as soon as she reached the back stage, tears started to escape her eyes. People claim that Pia Wurtzbach cried because of so much happiness.

Source: EliteNewsfeed

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