Photos of an old lady who was sitting on the stairway of a jeepney made the netizens furious!

We all know for a fact that senior citizens and People with disabilities were given special treatment in the Philippines. Anywhere you go, there's always a priority lane for them, each public transportation has its own priority seats for the seniors and those with disabilities.

But then it seems that this generation is starting to show the world that they do not respect the elders.

A Facebook user named Marjohn Parayno Sante posted photos on his account that quickly caught the netizens's attention.

The photos show an old lady who was sitting in the stairway of a Public Utility Jeepney.  Yes, no one even offered a seat for the old lady. What's making this situation even worse is the fact that a man was actually sitting in the seat that should only be offered to the seniors.

Marjohn Sante claims that he doesn't care whether the old lady chose to sit there, all that matters is that the jeepney driver should have not agreed because it is too dangerous.

Source: Facebook

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