This charming girl is dubbed as the Next Internet Superstar like Yaya Dub! MUST WATCH!

The internet has made its way to discover a lot of people, whether it is because of their talent or sometimes even just their looks. It is a way to somehow gain fame. 

A woman named Sammie Rimando has become the sweetheart of the social media as she uploaded her video lip-synching to a lot of music especially the ones that includes rapping. Most of the songs were from Nicki Minaj. 

Sammie is a student of Saint Columbian College taking up Bachelor Of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Her compilation of the videos that was uploaded on Facebook has already reached almost one and a half million views while it has gained more than 33 thousand reactions. 

She is thankful that her video had gone viral. Some people even claim that she might be the next Yaya Dub who is the Queen of Dubsmash. 

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