Morisette Amon, the Filipina version of Mariah Carey! Check this out!

Do you still know Morisette Amon? Well, if not, Morisette Amon was first known in the TV competition called "The Voice of the Philippines," wherein she was mentored by Sarah Geronimo.

Her videos are now circulating online and people claim that each of her performances is indeed world class! 

Aside from being tagged as "The Next Big Diva," she's also being considered as the Filipina version of Mariah Carey.

Everyone was stunned with her voice, especially after she was able to hit high notes including the whistle notes. 

However, some people are contradicting this thought. They claim that singing isn't always about hitting high notes!

Morissette Amon: The Mariah Carey of the Philippines
Morissette Amon: The Mariah Carey of the Philippines.
Posted by Pinoy History on Saturday, November 21, 2015

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