Mo Twister called Tricia Centenera, the Wife of Gab Valenciano, a b*tch!

We are all aware that Mo Twister is the type of person who would speak up what's in his mind. He doesn't whether someone will get hurt with what he'll say.

Just recently, a war on a social media site took place. A war on Instagram involved Mo Twister, DJ Angelicopter the wife of Gab Valenciano, which is Tricia Centenera and the alleged son of Mo.

There was a post in Mo's Instagram about his alleged son, Lucas, wherein the wife of Gab posted a comment that shares her thoughts about what Mo has posted.

However, it seems that Mo Twister and DJ Angelicopter didn't like what Tricia Centenera stated.

A few moments after the Instagram war, Mo Twister posted a tweet on his Twitter account wherein he called the wife of Gab Valenciano, a bitch.

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