Mayor Duterte described Karen Davila as Delicious! This is insane!

We all know for a fact that a lot of people are admiring the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte because of his honesty. A lot of people claim that they'd really want a leader who isn't afraid to be judged for showing his real character.

Mayor Duterte was known for his words, right? People claim that he's the man who will say whatever he wants to.

In an interview with Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was asked to describe the local politicians and personalities using only a word. 

As expected, Mayor Duterte straightforwardly stated his impressions, but what really surprised the viewers was his answer when he was asked to describe Karen Davila using only a single word.

You can see that Mayor Duterte was quite hesitant to speak up his answer because he's with his wife, but in the end he still stated that he finds Ms. Karen Davila as a delicious woman.

Source: BoomPanot

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