Maria Ozawa's coaster bumped into a car. What the owner of the car did, will surprise you!

The sexy star from Japan, Maria Ozawa starred in an MMFF entry entitled 'Nilalang.'

But then, an accident involving Maria Ozawa happened. Maria was on a coaster with Meg Imperial, Yam Concepcion, Trixie Dauz and the movie producer of Nilalang, when their coaster bumped into the car in front of them.

The movie producer immediately hopped off the coaster and talked to the driver of the car that they bumped. They were already having a conversation, when they found out that Maria Ozawa's with them, so instead of getting mad, they just asked for pictures instead! 

They claim that the drivers even looked happy when they finally saw Maria Ozawa!

Source: WhenInManila

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