Boyfriend bought his GF sanitary pads and left a hilarious note!

We all know for a fact that it is truly embarrassing to buy a sanitary pad for your girlfriend right? I mean there's only a few guys who are willing to buy their girlfriends some sanitary pad!

Recently, a photo of a sanitary pad along with a sweet note has gone viral online. 

It turns out that the woman asked her boyfriend to buy her some napkin or sanitary pad because of her unexpected menstruation. Of course, we're all expecting this man to refuse, but he did the opposite. 

He willingly bought his girlfriend a sanitary pad which he gave along with a note saying 
"With wings yan, kung para san man yon, mas astig pakinggan!"

Girls claim that what this man did, didn't just showed how sweet he is, but also showed his courage. They claim that they'd really be lucky to have a guy like him!

Now, how many of you are really willing to help your girlfriend in times of their "red tide?"

Source: WhenInManila

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