The man behind the photo that was posted by a girl has finally spoken! Check this out!

Commuting was never easy, you'll fresh-lookingly leave your home yet you'll look like a trash once you've reached your destination. This is because of the rapid growth of the population of the commuters.

What's making the situation even worse is the fact that a lot of people are posting non-sense rants on social media sites.

Just recently, a woman named Paola Kristel Shane Gardon has sparked an outrage online after posting something about a guy who didn't offer a seat for her.

After a few moments, the guy behind the photo shared his thoughts, he claims that Paola has no right to judge him because she's not the only one who's tired enough that needs to sit. He also added that she should've stayed in the ladies' section and not in the mixed section.

The woman then posted on her Facebook account that she doesn't deserve all the hates coming from the netizens! 

However, a lot of netizens claim that the man who posted his comment wasn't the man in the photo and it was purely a mistaken identity.

Source: Facebook

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