Maine Mendoza was bashed after her Best Supporting Actress win! Check this out!

A lot of people, especially the AlDub NATION were truly happy when Maine Mendoza was hailed as the Best Supporting Actress in the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival Awards Night.

However, it seems that not everyone's happy with the results of the MMFF awards night, even Maine Mendoza herself, was shocked!

Maine even took her Twitter account to say something about her award! 

After Maine was hailed as the Best Supporting Actress, her bashers and haters quickly took the social media sites to post hate comments regarding Maine's best supporting actress win! 

This Twitter user named @RuffGRama claims that GMA Network disqualifies the only film that's worth watching, for the sake of My BebeLove.

It seems that this woman hates Maine so much to the point that she's even bashing the network itself and even the directors! 

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