#MaglulupaSerye, war between ex and the new GF has gone viral online! Find out what it is!

Just recently, a story entitled "#MaglulupaSerye" is making its rounds online! The story went viral, when Senyora SantibaƱez shared it and it quickly caught the attention of the netizens.

A Facebook user named Anette LM posted a conversation on her Facebook account saying that it was what her ex's new girlfriend sent her for Christmas.

The new GF of her ex who was identified as Phoebe Alison is now being stalked by the netizens after she discriminated Anette and even insulting her.

Because of this, the netizens are now bashing her. They claim that she just have a fairer skin complexion and Anette still looks more beautiful than her.

This is somehow like kalyeserye, the only difference is that people are waiting for updates online and not thru television! 

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