Is Karla Estrada using her son's fame? Check out what she has to say!

We all know for a fact that Daniel Padilla is indeed one of the most popular teen actor in the showbiz industry. Because of his fame, people are now throwing issues to his mother, Karla Estrada, who is also a personality in the Showbiz industry.

In an interview on TWBA or Tonight with Boy Abunda on Friday, Karla Estrada answered all the issues, saying that she's using her son's fame to get what she wants.

She claims that no one has the right to tell accuse her of using her own son, because first and foremost, Daniel is her son and that she has the right to do what's best for him.

She also stated that if they are somehow irritated whenever they see Karla, where Daniel is, they should just shrug it off, because they couldn't change the fact that she's the mother of Daniel Padilla.

Source: Abs-cbn

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