Is it true that the Philippines will be banned from joining International pageants? Find out here!

The Philippines is known as the most competitive country, when it comes to beauty pageants. People claim that the Philippines are always picking the best representative for international pageants.

In 2013, Philippines was able to bring home two titles in a single year, Miss World 2015 and Miss International 2013. Philippines also holds the title in Miss Earth 2014 and 2015.

Because of being the title holder in various international pageants, there are rumors that the Philippines will be banned from joining international beauty pageants.

The ABPFH or Association of Beauty Pageant Franchise Holders was the one who will be banning the Philippines from such contests.

However, this news was quickly clarified. All this banning issue is just a hoax and no one can stop the Philippines from joining international beauty pageants! 

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