He passed out in a drinking session. What happens next shocked him. MUST WATCH!

These days, teens tend to be more impulsive. Most teenagers often lose control of their actions, they often think that what they're doing is right just because everybody else is doing it. Most of them are becoming more and more careless with their actions and just realized that they're wrong when something bad happens.

This is the story of a man who passed out in a drinking session with his friends. Since the girl knew that the man is unconscious, she took advantage of him.

A few days after what happened to them, the guy noticed that something's different with his body, he claims that there's something wrong.

It turns out that he was infected with STI or S*xually Transmitted Infection because of an unsafe and unprotected intercourse. 

This video will surely serve as a lesson to each and everyone to never do things, you'll regret in the end.

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