An Open Letter for Gab Valenciano : 'Your father was not as clean either'

Just recently, Gab Valenciano is facing controversies and is being bashed by the netizens after he posted a message on his Twitter account that tells something about Duterte's morality.

His tweet quickly caught the attention of the netizens and one of them even posted an alleged open letter for Gab Valenciano.

The letter was mainly about Gab's father, Gary Valenciano.

The letter sender claims that Gab has no right to judge Mayor Duterte because his father isn't even as clean as what he thinks.

Image Credit: Irene Kelly

The sender also stated that he's not endorsing any politician, it's just that he wanted others to know that before you judge, you should first look at your own reflection.

Just a few minutes ago, Gab Valenciano posted a comment on the said photo wherein he claims that he find this thread hilarious because he knew what his father's story before.

Source: KickerDaily

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