Direk Wenn Deramas speaks up about the ticket swapping issue!

The annual Metro Manila Film Festival has finally begun, and in its beginning there has already been issues that there's a ticket swapping that's taking place in different cinemas. 

It happens when a moviegoer wants to watch My BebeLove, yet they're given Beauty and The Bestie tickets instead.

Because of these issues, the Director of Beauty and the Bestie has finally broken his silence. Direk Wenn V. Deramas claims that if they're already done watching the movie, then the tickets should have been torn which indicates that it's no longer valid.

He also stated that netizens should no longer create issues and allegations as if they were really cheating the ticket sales, because they're not. And also, the organizers of the MMFF have already released a statement saying that this issue is simply baseless.

"But definitely, hindi sila ang magdadala sa pelikula dahil yung Vic Sotto at Ai Ai delas Alas. Gawinmuna nila kahit kalahati ng na achieve ng dalawang yan sa industriyang 'to bago ako maniwala." Direk Wenn said pertaining to AlDub.

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