Brave man tries to catch a woman who jumped from the 11th floor! Shocking!

What would you do if you saw a woman falling from the 11th floor of a high building? Would you rush to her place and try to stop her from jumping, or you would rather wait and try to catch her with your bare hands?

This man who was identified as Mr. Feng, saw a woman falling from the 11th floor of the buiding. He claims that he and his friends were about to rescue her on the 11th floor, he saw that she already jumped, forcing him to wait and catch her with his bare hands.

People admired his bravery for trying to save the woman. But then instead of rescuing her, he even got himself injured. In fact, he was left unconscious because of so much pain, and he even suffered a couple of fractures and injuries.

He also said that he didn't regret what he did, he even felt bad for he wasn't able to save her.

Source: CCTV

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