A revolting footage of a botfly maggot that was extracted from a man's head!

A lot of people really love to travel, I mean, who would hate to travel? You get to see a lot of different scenes and historical places, you get to inhale some fresh air plus it will truly be a memorable experience. 

However, travelling seemed to be very memorable for this man who was identified as Simon who had a trip to Panama.

When he returns to his hometown, he realized that something's wrong with his head, it's like something's continuously growing in it. 

It turns out that a botfly maggot is growing bigger and bigger under the skin of his head. 

After a month, they were able to successfully remove the maggot. It is indeed gross plus the fact that the maggot left a hole in his head.

They all had gone insane after seeing how large the maggot that was extracted from Simon's head.

Source: SizzlingFeed

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