Truth about the dangers of menstruation to women!

Did you know that the period is the best thing to check to see if a woman has a short-term or long-term illnesses. 

The experts believe that it is necessary to take a look at the period before women flush their toilets to see the indications of the different diseases. 

These five indications might be the signs that you might have these health conditions. 

1. 'Cranberry Juice'-like 
This is an indication that the body is in its normal form. The body is healthy.

2. Light flow
If your menstruation is in its light flow this is an indication that there is something wrong with the pituitary gland or thyroid. 

3. Sudden bleeding throughout periods
This is a sign that there is an abnormality with the cervical or uterine polyps

4. Late menstruation
It might be that you are pregnant but there is also a huge chance that you are having hormonal imbalance. 

5. Severe Menstrual Cramps
People think that this is normal, but according to experts it is not. So you needed to seek their advice immediately. 

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