28-year-old teacher is doing something inappropriate with her 5 students! Unbelievable!

There had been a lot of strange and weird stories online, but I must admit that this is the weirdest and probably the most shocking story I've ever read.

A 28-year-old 12th grade teacher named Brittni Nicole Colleps was sentenced a 5-year imprisonment after she was found guilty of having intercourse with 5 of her football player/students.

In 2011, the former Kennedale High School English teacher would send a message to her male students to come over her home to have a meal, while her husband and three children were away.

Surprisingly, the student came along with his 4 buddies. But instead of serving home-cooked meal, Colleps served herself for the boys.

They claim that they were shocked when she suddenly brought out a s*x toys and she began stripping off in front of them.

The court has sentenced her a 5-year imprisonment for 16 counts of having an inappropriate relationship with her students.

The said act was filmed by another student and it quickly broke out in their school, making the court decide that she's truly guilty.

Source: YouTube

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