This employee thought that she's training a newly hired employee, but in reality, he's the CEO. The result has changed her life!

Life was never easy, you have to strive and work hard to have a successful life. But before you reach that success, you'll first be facing the struggles and obstacles that life has to offer.

This woman named Angel who works in a company known as Modell's Sporting Goods. She thought that she will be training a newly hired employee.

Little did she know that she's already talking to the CEO of the company she's working for.

Through his training, he was able to find out how hard life is for Angel. He found out that Angel was homeless and she has kids who are depending on her! 

Through this reality show called 'Undercover Boss,' the CEO found out that there are employees who are truly determined with their job.

In return for all the hard work, the CEO promoted her as the Assistant Manager. 

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