A stranger rudely stared at this mother who breastfeeds her son in public. Her response? Totally impressive!

We all know for a fact that breastfeeding is one of the natural ways to feed your child with nutrients, right? 

However, not everyone understands this concept. Some people just couldn't take seeing mothers who breastfeed their babies without covering up.

A woman named Ashley Kaidel uploaded a photo of her while breastfeeding her child in a public restaurant, uncovered. 

You can see in the photo that she seems to be looking from a distance, but then you're wrong. She's looking straight in the eyes of the woman who's rudely staring at her while she feeds her baby.

She claims that the stranger shook her head in disgust as a sign of disapproving what she's doing. 

Are you curious about how she responded in this situation?

Here's what she wrote on her Facebook account:

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