Pastillas Girl has finally spoken about what happened to her mom!

A lot of people were truly shocked by what happened to the mother of Angelica Yap or more popularly known as Pastillas Girl on Sunday evening. Everyone was in shock to find out that her mom was shot while eating at a roadside eatery.

People are now sending prayers and condolences to the Yap family.

A few moments after the incident, Angelica, the daughter of the victim has broken her silence and has finally spoken about it.

She claims that they have no idea about the suspect's identity and that they are hoping that the death of her mother will be given justice in no time.

According to the ABS-CBN, Angelica Yap was on a taping when she received a call from her relatives. 

She claims that at first she didn't believe because it's quite unusual to receive such call.

The mourning Yap also stated that when she reached the hospital, her Mom was still breathing, she was just brain dead but she's still alive.

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