Netizens dubbed Duterte as "Tunay na Hokage." Find out why!

We all know for a fact that the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the kind of man who shows who he is with or without cameras. He shows his real personality to each and everyone.

In this video, you can clearly see a group of Mayor Duterte's supporters who are enjoying their time with him. They were recording a selfie when this girl pouted her lips and Mayor Duterte acted as if he's going to kiss the girl. 

The netizens has called Mayor Duterte as "Hokage" for what he did.

As soon as this video went viral, it earned various reactions from the netizens. Some were irritated, they claim that if he'll be running for a higher position, he shouldn't be doing such thing. 

Duterte's supporters quickly defended him and claimed that it's quite impressive that Duterte's showing his real personality and he's not pretending just to earn the sympathy of the Filipinos.

Source: Meili Kis Tan

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