A Muslim OFW calls the attention of the GMA Network for a Public Apology! MUST WATCH!

The Halloween costumes of Joey de Leon and Tito Sotto quickly caught the attention of the netizens. And because of that, a lot of netizens immediately posted their dismays in different social media sites.

A Facebook user named Guiapar P. Zacaria Malugayak posted a video that says how bad they felt when they witnessed the Halloween costumes of Tito Sen and Joey de Leon.

They expressed their dismay about the issue and that they really felt insulted by what they did.

This man claims that he may be just an ordinary Muslim and Filipino, but that wouldn't stop them from requesting for a public apology for what they did.

This man is calling the attention of the GMA Network to let their artists make a public apology for what they did. 

Source: Facebook

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  1. Guys, what they were wearing were traditional ARAB dress, it is not a muslim dress. Even arabs are not offended if you wear them, they even offer them to you to wear for photo souvenirs in desert safaris. Even hollywood celebrities have been photographed wearing the same clothing. It's not a big deal guys, i think fans of the other noontime show are just making it a big deal.

  2. Deng! It's a costume and a Halloween event. As far as I know they can wear anything. It has nothing to do with your belief faith or religion. It's not their intention to insult you and your beliefs. Just enjoy the show. If you understand the concept of entertainment..don't watch it.

  3. Its ARAB dress, It is not a muslim dress !!

  4. ang kapal mo noy...baka nalimutan mo na ang mga muslim ay sila rin ang mga mamamatay tao .....halos lahat ng muslim ay mamamatay tao...purya na lng sa hindi....gago ka dong tanga ,alamin mo muna kung ano ang ibig sabihin,bakit sinabi ba ni vic o tito na ang mga muslim ay gago...ikaw ang gago

  5. papansin ka dong,,bakit wala ka bang pera?

  6. bakit yung su-ot mo iba,tapos sabihin mo muslim,,,,gago ka pala,kung muslim ka ka ba bakit hindi katulad sa kanila ang suot mo?siguro wala kang pambili no?magtrabaho ka na lang sa arab para maka bili ka ng tulad ng sinusuot nina vic at tito..tapos ibandera mo sa mga kasamahan mong muslim na yan ang dapat nilang suotin .

  7. tanga lang! kada taon suot nya un pag may halloween, ang tagal tagal na nyang suot yun tapos ngayon lang kayo mag rreklamo?

  8. Kupling ka..... ala robin padilla wannabe. Mag research ka muna bago ka mag masalita. Pati mga ibang muslim na kapwa mo idadamay mo pa sa kabobohan mo...



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